Top Toys For Curious Babies

Top Toys For Curious Babies

Our editors independently selected these items because we think you will enjoy them and might like them at these prices. If you purchase something through our links, we may earn a commission. Pricing and availability are accurate as of publish time.

Tissue Sensory Toy

There will be a time when you leave a package of wipes out, and your little one will empty it in record time. Give them a toy they can use to replace the urge of tissue pulling.

Tummy Time Water Mat

Tummy time is crucial for building your babies’ muscles, and at a certain point, they will give up and smack their little heads on the ground. Give them that nice water cushion to soften that blow that will entertain them at the same time.

Crinkle Tail Books

Babies will never get tired of the crinkle toys, and this will give that visual of animals with an interactive play of the tails.

Learning Cube

This toy is great for those desperate times at the restaurant when they are losing their minds, and you haven’t finished your $13 margarita. You’ll have to pick it up every 2 minutes before you realize you should leave your hand on it but learning it the hard way is the only way.

Peek A Boo Elephant

Peek a Boo toy will continue to entertain the kids for years. You will most likely dispose of this thing after several years of going to the kitchen for a midnight snack and wetting yourself from the sheer terror of Chucky elephant randomly going off in the dark.

Sensory Ball Pit

Double the experience of containing your child and entertaining them with an enclosed ball pit. I made the mistake of assuming this is massive, which is not the case, but a few are small like this and some much larger for a little more money.

Dimpl Baby Toy

I believe this toy is relatively new, so my children did not use this toy, but there are several raving reviews. If I got this for them now, they would most likely still enjoy it.

My Dancing and Singing Bird

My children did not have this exact model but a very similar bird that would sing and dance that they really enjoyed. You will most likely hate it, but the good news, they have a volume button that will change it from screeching loud to semi loud.

Piano Gym

I made the mistake of getting the mat that just had the toys hanging. Every playdate at a friend that had this, my baby was highly entertained. Don’t make the same mistake and just upgrade.

Musical Baby Hammer

Babies will most likely use all of their toys as hammers, so why not take out the middle man. Instead of you yelling every time they bang on something with a toy, let the toy make the noise for you.

Junior Climb and Slide

Climbing is a great exercise for little ones, and this added slide is even more entertaining. When they are toddlers, they can use this as their gymnastics mat.

Alphabet Activity Mat

First, these are adorable for any room and a soft place for them to start crawling and walking. These will transform into a toy mat when they are around one, and they will discover the joy of taking these apart every day and not cleaning them up.

Music Shake Ball

Make sure to have your video camera ready when they pick it up for the first time, and it shakes. Those fat cheeks and arms are hysterical when they start jiggling with their vibrating laugh.

Animal Activity Jumperoo

On the positive side, they will get so much energy out in these. On the negative side, they will probably lose those cute thunder thighs.

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